Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A freaky fall......

It's been a long time between updates. 

We went to the Buddy Walk, J had fun with Aunt Jean and Miranda while I worked.  I set up the Oklahoma Family Network display and had a carnival game.  I had fun doing this and playing with the kids.  Here are a few pictures of the fun.   

Jeremy then had the final visit with his OU PT students.  They were ALL awesome, very eager to learn about Jeremy.  They go back take what they observed, research and come up with a presentation to give to their class.  They will come back to see us in December with a plan.  I always love to see what new and things they come up with some good information on FG syndrome.  Here are a few pictures of the visit, it was a nice fall day so we played outside.  J made several of them go down the slide and then he went down last.  He was such a stinker.  Here are a few pictures of the visit.   

We then left that Thursday for Columbia, Missouri at 6:30am, this trip my sister and niece Miranda went with us.  We stopped in Joplin for breakfast, then to Lebandon for a DQ treat and fill up the car.  We had lot of laughs and fun on the trip.  Miranda kept J pretty entertained but I think they aggravated each other but this was lot of fun for Jeremy.  I pointed out to my sister on Hwy 63 between Jeff City and Columbia that the semi-truck in front of us his back door was swinging open.  I sit my cruise control so we are moving on down the highway, see the truck, pass the truck and good-bye truck.  I didn't realize that Jean felt it was her duty to notify the trucker of the open door so her intention was to sign, "open door" to the trucker when we passed him.  She signed, "open door" but we zoomed on past the truck and she was doing her sign.  My question to her which it literally took me over 30 minutes to ask her because Miranda and I were laughing so hard we couldn't breath and Jean was being so serious.  I have small eyes so when I laugh it literally impairs my vision because my eyes almost shut and it's an effort to keep them open.  I ask her, "you wanted me to pull up next to this trucker, slow down so you could sign open door?"  What makes you think that trucker would understand your sign-language?  We made it to our appointment in plenty of time.  Dr. Dan said J looks great, J did use his walker for him, he is concerned about J's left leg which is stiff but we are scheduled for botox injections and new AFO.  He said the spine progressed a little but I wasn't prepared to hear him say that it looks like his spine may be fusing itself.  We continue along the plan of watching and as long as weather permits we go back on January 26 for an 8am appointment.  We will drive up the day before see Mike and get measured for a new TSLO brace and Mike will bring it to clinic the next day.   

We left our visit and headed over to Children's, we visited with nurses, Lauren, Corrine and Kelsey on the floor and then Lauren took us to the PICU.  Elizabeth one of our favorite PICU nurses had asked Dr. Dan about Jeremy and we haven't seen her since we went home.  Elizabeth let J hold her phone while she did a procedure so he was her favorite and he actually called her mom.  Jeremy was sitting by a nurse and Lauren and was cracking the whip in getting them to do computer work, he kept pointing and blurting out words.  We went to our motel ordered pizza and then went to play in the pool and hot-tub.  I almost had my niece convinced that motel swimming pool was actually an old mortuary and if you came down at midnight you could see the ghost playing around, but that they wouldn't bother me and J because we have stayed here so much they know us.  I almost got away with it until I went to update facebook post and she seen, "I almost had my niece convinced" game over.

We left the next morning and headed to Fisher farms in Jefferson City to go through the corn maize.  The trip to Missouri was beautiful, their scenery was already fall colors.  They had gotten their first frost so it was quit muddy especially with J's stroller.  I had to laugh when we finally made it to the road to see how far we had gotten, we were still pretty close to the edge but we had almost made it to the top of the corn maize in which I'm ready to bail and walk back to the farm on the road but they wouldn't let me.  Jeremy played in the corn kennel box.  We took some pictures and I did something stupid and decided to rub a cat's belly while it was laying on it's back and it scratched and tried to bit me so long story short I had to confirm the cat had it's shots and get a tetanus booster since mine was outdated.  We stopped at Osage beach for some outlet mall shopping and had fun.  We got home about 6:30 and was ready to get everything unpacked and enjoy a nice quiet weekend. 

J ended up with a UTI on Tuesday, it happened fast and he was miserable.  He missed the entire week of school but got antibiotics on Wednesday and was feeling full of glory on Thursday.  It was so good to have him back to himself.  He did miss his Halloween party on Thursday at respite and school party.  It was a busy week for me with a training on Thursday 60 miles from home and a conference on Friday 100 miles from home.  I took J Monday to a church where he could have some fun, he did and was totally beyond exhausted when we got home.

Ok so what is the reason for the title.  I never dreamed in all my years of living in Oklahoma that I would experience an earthquake, but Saturday morning about 2-3am, I was woke up to a loud rumble which I thought was thunder, bed shook, something in my kitchen rattled but I thought I was dreaming.  Then when I started to read all the facebook post to see we had a 5.2 earthquake around Prague, Oklahoma.  We were in bed Saturday night when it was a similar a loud rumble, bathroom window rattles, bed shakes and no doubt what it was, this was a 5.6 which is the biggest Oklahoma has had.  Then if that isn't crazy Sunday we reverted back to spring, it was such a nice, awesome day, it was 73 and muggy.  We woke up Monday to a cloudy, muggy day and tornado's in SW part of Oklahoma in November along with a 4.7 earthquake that we felt.  You know see, Welcome to Oklahoma, home of the quaknado.. and Californians saying the only damage was cows tipping over.  I truly think we need a new state song about our 2011 freaky weather we had.