Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Awesome Halloween 2012...

I figured since Jeremy was officially a teenager and he never really cared about going to the carnivals, so we decided we would decorate the yard and hand out candy.  It was the perfect Oklahoma weather.  We started out with pizza/pop for dinner and then sit outside on the front porch.  It was a little while before we got any trick or treaters so Jeremy and I snacked, J loved the twizzlers and I the twix bars.  We laughed, would scream Boo because it would set off the hanging ghoul and then the ghost would feed off the ghoul.  When they started coming Jeremy would just stare at them like trying to figure out what all these little creatures were, I would hand out the candy and then when they walked away Jeremy would give his wave and say, "bye".   So many of the children said, "I know Jeremy" he goes to my school or I use to go to school with him.  We had so much fun. laughing, playing.  When his head hit the pillow he was out like a light.    

He was having fun
All our goodies
A twizzler again

My ghoul going to the window

My ghoul at the window