Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

Jeremy is having a terrific summer.
He attended 5 weeks of extended school year and a 2 week "awe" tism camp at school.

4th of July Holiday- for the first time in his life we actually enjoyed the holiday, we always have a cook out at my sister's house but we normally don't stay. Jeremy never liked the fireworks and I always had to work the next day, but this year it was on a Friday so we enjoyed the whole day. Good food, lots of fun and several good water volleyball games. To my surprise Jeremy turned into a little fish and I couldn't keep him out of the pool. We stayed and watched the fireworks although Jeremy didn't care he sure enjoyed the freedom of running around the yard and staying up well past midnight. We slept until 11am on Saturday to make up for being worn out.

Last night when I got home from visiting a family in the hospital, Jeremy was in the bathtub by himself, singing, talking and I sit there for the longest time and listened to him, he is so funny. Today his school is taking a trip to the Tulsa Zoo, he woke up growling so I don't know if they talked about animals yesterday or not so we turned it into a game about going to the zoo. I would ask him are you acting like a bear and growling and would growl at him and he would growl back, can't wait to see how his day goes.

Monday, July 21- July 23, starts our yearly radio-thon for St. Francis Children's Hospital. Monday July 21, they will do a TV interview with me about Jeremy on Channel 6 for their morning show about 6:30am, and they will show some pre-recorded footage of Jeremy. I will do a radio interview on Tuesday, July 22 @ 8:10am with Jeremy's pediatrician, Dr. Scott Cyrus. We go back on Friday, July 25 for the Oklahoma PTA association benefiting the Children's Hospital with one of their events, they have an hour of "meet the Media" and want to feature Jeremy. I hope tomorrow that I will have the Champion child video and can put a link on Jeremy's blog so it can be viewed.

I'm still working on getting his past history posted.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer of 2008

Jeremy will be going into the 3rd grade and I can't believe he turns 9 years old on August 9. Jeremy has had amazing two years at school, making so much progress. He just finished his Extended school year for the summer and met some of his goals while he maintained others. This year Jeremy started to show me just how much of a big boy he is, if you give him a verbal command he follows through with it. We are ordering him an assistive Tech device to help him with speech, but Sunday after church he came up to me almost studding to get words out, I just knew any minute he would start speaking in sentences. He was selected to be the Champion child for St. Francis Children's Hospital and I got to see the first preview of the tape, I can't wait for it to be released it truly showed the miracle that Jeremy is and how much GOD has worked in this little boy's life. This is a picture of Jeremy on Father's day, who was enjoying some sun chips with his cousin Miranda, this was after an exhausting game of kick ball which he went out and started to initiate some play time. A picture of him using his tech talk.