Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Break !!!!

The Friday before Jeremy and I went to spend the night with my parents who live in the same house that I started 1st grade in. They have about 3 acres of land and it's prime roaming territory for Jeremy. It is peaceful out there. We slept with the windows open and my dad has a flower garden with a fountain right outside the bedroom window so we got to hear that all night. My mom still hangs clothes out on the clothes line so all the sheets, blankets smell so fresh and I still love that feeling of spending the night at home. We got up that next morning and went to visit my mom's sisters and her grandson, Justin. The two boys had fun playing outside, Justin has a playhouse and they both looked like they had rooted in the dirt. Then we came home to 2 days of school and work and then off for 3 days for Fall break....

We slept in on Wednesday, got up I fixed Jeremy pancakes for breakfast and we went to get his flu shot (Jeremy wasn't happy) and then we went on to the Kaleidoscope Children's Museum where we spent over 3 hours. We met Matt Cobb our teacher through ETL and did some behavior therapy.

This is the big doll house and Jeremy loves this, this is where we spent most of our time.

They had a dentist/physician office and Jeremy didn't care (can't imagine why). There was a reverse walker exactly like the one he use to have and that is what he wanted to play with...go figure that.

The sensory room, Jeremy would go in but normally came right back out of, I think it was the feeling the flashing lights gave him and it was harder for him to see (he had broke his glasses and they were being repaired so he didn't have them). I did manage to get some sort of picture of him and Matt.

Now for the pictures of the big build, this is the park they built in Sapulpa the children love it. Jeremy's school takes a field trip there each year and he loves to climb on everything and have the freedom. We met my sister and her daughter Miranda. I also found Jeremy's handprint, when they were building the park they got the schools to make prints of the children's hand and they lined the walls with them. It took me a while but I found Jeremy's, he did this when he was in Kindergarten almost 4 years ago.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Snack Please and that's Yummy

We have been working on getting a device that talks for Jeremy since last May, it's not an easy process. You have to send a video to show that Jeremy can use the device and can be used for medical purposes. His speech teacher programed the device with snack please, drink please and that's yummy. This was right after school and he was starving, he kept hitting the snack please button. I was tempting him with the drinkable cereal straws that were fruit loot flavored, he doesn't like them in milk but they make a good snack.

Then we got him to push the button to say, that's yummy. The device is also beneficial that it will help his speech come along as well. He's been very vocal.

Friday, October 10, 2008

J at school

Jeremy's teacher sent me this picture that his para-professional took at school and the note said, "Jeremy has been really active today, right now he and Ms. Shelley (another para in the classroom) are chasing each other." His glasses didn't make it to school today for some reason. He looks like he is having really funky hair day not sure what that is about, other than he must have been wrestling around or the fact that he so needs a hair cut.

I am not a proud mom or anything but how can you not LOVE this face he is so darn cute and adorable.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My big boy

This past week at school Jeremy rode the school van home. When I opened the door to get him off the van there sit my son and he didn't move until I unhooked the seat belt. The driver bragged on how well he had done. When he got home yesterday I told him I needed to go somewhere so go get in the car. Jeremy is so funny when we go somewhere he grabs what he can to take with him, so he comes out the door with his backpack and that wasn't enough he had discovered his flash cards so he grabbed them on the way out. He climbs into the back seat of the car totally bypassing his car seat (as if to say I'm too big to sit in that baby chair and no Thank you). He went to the other passenger side and sit down, he grabbed the seat belt and tried to latch it himself. I agreed to his request since the bank is not that far and he knows if he doesn't sit he looses that privilege. I tilted my mirror so I could watch him and my big boy sit there, being really good, talking up a storm and flipping through flash cards. I'm going to buy him a booster car seat and start giving him the opportunity to sit in it. He is always wiped out by the end of the day, normally wants a nap and I have to battle with him to not take a nap (yes I know am I crazy, a nap would be great but then he's up late and I don't get to sleep). I was running his bath water and he was so tired, screaming crying and upset and then all the sudden silence and I look over he had fell asleep in the doorway of the bathroom. I felt so sorry for him and decided to see how long he would sleep but and shortly thereafter he was awake crying so I bribed him into taking a bath with a cold cup of chocolate pedisure..yummy yummy his favorite.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Are you Ornery ?

Yesterday I was reading Jeremy's daily folder to see the teacher's notes, how his day went and we go over the paperwork he did that day. The teacher wrote, "Jeremy was not into doing much work today, and he was being ornery". I read the note to Jeremy and asked him was he being ornery and he was pretty insisting in telling me, "NO", not once but several times. Later that evening when I was talking to my mom on the phone, I told her to ask Jeremy if he was being ornery at school and the little turkey hands me the phone and wouldn't listen. I asked him later and he finally said, "hum yea", so we had a little talk. This picture was taken at school yesterday with his teacher and she said he was also real huggy and kissy yesterday. He's been doing really good work, paying attention, able to focus and listening.