Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The day of Summer and new family Member

We have just been living life and enjoy summer, I have really enjoyed summer because the evenings after work I don’t have much to do and not rushing around to get things in place for the next morning.    

I took off the entire week of June 17-21 and enjoyed it.  We left June 19 for vacation/doctor appointment.  We drove to Springfield, ate lunch then to the Wild Animal Safari about 8 miles outside of Springfield.  I was impressed with all the animals that would come up to your vehicle window, Jeremy got to pet a camel’s nose.  Jeremy thought it was funny when I would roll down my aunt Betty or mom window when the animal came up, because they would jump back and scream and try to get their window up.  The animals would just circle your vehicle.  When we first entered this ugly thing, marked the car came up to my side looked right at me and licked my window, slobber and all.  Jeremy also got to pet a giraffe.  They had a baby monkey inside that anytime Jeremy got close to the cage he was checking him out like he was a threat and wanted his toys, it was funny to watch.  We then went to check into our motel, take care of Jeremy’s medical needs, rested and then went to Lambert’s the place of the throwing roll and boy was that a GREAT place to eat.  Jeremy laughed when the rolls were thrown, my aunt did a great job of catching all of ours, but dropped a few.  We enjoyed real homemade rolls, fried okra, then with your meal they would bring around real fried potatoes with onions, macaroni and tomatoes.  Jeremy and I split a meal which was a good thing because not much of that got ate and sad to say got wasted.  We enjoyed the hot tub/pool at the motel and crashed into bed.  These are places I want to definitely visit again.  The next morning it was nice to take our time, enjoy breakfast and have a nice leisure trip to Columbia.  We got there early enough to eat at McDonald’s for Jeremy to play, go check into our motel and then start our reason for the trip.  We went up to the hospital to visit Jeremy’s friends, he started clapping and screaming with excitement when we pulled up, he cracked me up.  He wanted to go straight to the playroom, Shelly took him, then Corrine came to see him, Amber, social worker and Lauren, then he got to see Elizabeth.  We were sad to hear that Lauren will be leaving in August, she always made it a point to come by and play with Jeremy each day and he loved that, he loved to play ball with her.  We were excited to get to see our favorite resident Dr. Robertson, this last year he will be in rotation with Dr. Dan.  Dr. Dan was impressed with Jeremy, his progress, nothing has changed so we just keep on trucking along. 

We have a new family member who adopted us.  This cat has been hanging around our house for weeks, I totally ignored it but one night accidentally trapped it under our house and it still stayed around, it was calm, would come up and rub against you.  Friday morning it showed back up, so I gave it a flea bath, food, water and liter box and it went right to all.  It is a very spoiled cat, but behaved cat.  It has been funny to watch Jeremy as he adapts to it.  

Here are some pictures of Jeremy's summer fun... 

Day at the Library 

This licked my window
Wal-mart in Columbia 
Lazy tiger day
The camel came running 

Baby Monkey

Day at the park 

Zoo day 

Riding the train at zoo

He loved riding the camel  at the zoo 

Day at Aquarium 

We have decided to name her Mollie