Monday, June 29, 2009

K95.5 Cares for Kids Radio-thon to benefit The Children's Hospital at St. Francis

Tomorrow is the radio-thon, it runs Tuesday, June 30 and Wednesday, July 1 from 6 am to 7pm in the lobby of the Children's Hospital. It's awesome the money raised is for equipment, things the hospital needs not salaries. The children's hospital serves many families in NE Oklahoma, they were there to give Jeremy the start he needed in life and they have been there to give him the push he needed along the way. If you live out of town you can tune in at www:k955fm.com and do the listen live or you can tune into 95.5 radio. I will be doing a "live" interview with Jeremy's Wonderful, Awesome, Pediatrician tomorrow morning @ 6:10am, if you want to tune in and hear Jeremy's story.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Summer days....

It turned "HOT" in Oklahoma pretty quick and fast, we've had two weeks where the heat index as made the temp over a 100 degrees. Jeremy doesn't mind and still loves to play outside. Jeremy is having a good summer, he's enjoying summer school and has two weeks of that left. He is jabbering up a storm around here, I got a really cute recording of him speaking but haven't had any luck in downloading it. I plan to take Jeremy to the zoo but can't see taking him with these hot temps he would be miserable. I know the temp will drop a little at some point.

We enjoyed father's day with my family. One of my sisters cooked hamburgers & hot dogs, then dad grilled chicken before we all got out there. I was suppose to make a cake but decided a store bought one was better it was alot easier. I did make my famous banana pudding using my Aunt Betty's recipe, it was all gone.

We are just hanging out, June 30 and July 1 is the radio-thon to benefit St. Francis Children's Hospital. I will be doing Jeremy's interview @ 6:10am w/ his favorite Pediatrician, Dr. Cyrus. If anyone is up and around they can listen, you can also log into K95.5 in Tulsa and listen to it live.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am so proud....

Last weekend was my sister and I trip to Eureka springs, we had our massage appointment and that was nice. We had fun, shopped caught the end of the Holy Land tour and that was awesome, wish we would have gotten there earlier to see it all. When I got home, Jeremy jumped in my car helped me carry in all my bags and of course went through all the bags to see what was his. I found him a little jug that has his name on it, 2 really awesome christian t-shirts, gummy bears and some curious George things for his birthday.

He did really well at speech yesterday, Stacie said he focused well and paid attention and he's been verbal, talking like crazy. I have a recording but I can't figure out how to save the audio so I can post it to his blog.

Yesterday evening I took Jeremy with me to buy some groceries and to my surprise he did very well, he helped me pick out some items. He had 3 boxes of the bagelfuls, and I told him he could have one for breakfast he put them all 3 back. We ran into Ms. Vinson his last year teacher and she couldn't believe him. We were back in the "baby" section and we cruised it several times, he found this head holder that you use when the babies are small and in their infant car seat, it had a picture of a baby and I really think he thought it was a baby, I told him he couldn't have it but he put it in the cart and then carried it so proudly thought we were going to have a major meltdown but he got preoccupied trying to help me check out that I was able to slip it out of the cart and keep it from him. When we got to the car I gave him a chocolate milk and he was glancing through the sacks, never acted mad.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jeremy going to VBS

I decided to try Jeremy at VBS this year, my mom's church was having it and since he got out of school Tuesday we started on Wednesday and went 3 days. He did fairly well for the most part, he marched in with his class, except on Friday and he decided to set on the opposite side as everyone else but he did sit there for quit a while before acting up. Here are a few pics of him marching in, sitting on the opposite side (the pic is a little dark but you can see his little head). He starts extended school year this week, 3 days a week 2 hours a day.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mommy and me....

Jeremy has never said the words, "I love you, mom" but he does say mom and I've also know when he does his jabbering he says it. I've seen it in his eyes, when he gives me one of his hugs or I ask for a kiss. They took this picture at respite care for Mother's day and it was the best gift I could ever in my life receive.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009