Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Prepare to be amazed by the amazing J.....

The definition of amazing, "Great wonder or surprise".  I happen to think Jeremy is a great wonder but he's God's creation, created in his image.  GOD has had a plan for Jeremy while I was still carrying him, he had a plan for J before I even knew I was carrying Mr. J.....Jeremiah 29:11.....
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Joy of Jeremy world....

We have once again been enjoying this great Oklahoma winter, it’s hard to tell if it’s fall or spring but it’s been awesome and I love it and could actually live like this year round. Jeremy is doing good at school, continues to be vocal, says new words but we keep hearing, “I said”. The report from school is he loves going to the office to help out and everyone loves him. He is working hard for PT, he is side stepping, walking around items, pulling up, climbing. He got botox injections last week so we have seen a difference in his muscles. I thought he was going to end up on an antibiotic last week, we did an urine culture but when it came back on Monday, Jeremy was back to himself with no symptoms. Thank you GOD. I think the culprit is caffeine and sugar so I know to limit that intake. When we got home from church on Sunday, I opened up all the windows, it was a little chilly to be outside for Jeremy in the wind but it felt good in the house. Jeremy was feeling full of himself because in a nutshell he was, “ornery.” I keep waiting for his next word to be, REALLY? Because it’s like I’m always saying that to him. I came in to take the clothes out of the dryer and there with the clothes was the wal-mart plastic bags, really? I’m not sure if he felt they needed to be dry or what. I fold the clothes, go put them up, come back into the kitchen where I am cooking fish sticks and open it up and there is the splenda, “really?” to that one he answered yeah.

Here is a picture of the little boy, as you can see the “horn” appeared on Sunday…..

super excited that next Friday, March 9 I am flying to St. Louis, meet up with Joni Bruce, rent a car and drive to Columbia, Missouri and have a meeting with the Executive Director of the MU children’s Hospital, nursing director and a few others on family-centered care, they are interested in learning more about how to involve parents on various advisory boards.  Then that evening I get to attend the Pascale’s Pals Silent auction/dinner such a great organization to raise money and help families at the hospital.  I will then fly back home on Saturday afternoon.  It is going to be super weird to be there without Jeremy because it’s always been about him but I am looking forward to a few days of being away.   

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free the animals...

Oh my wonderful, funny, little boy so often would love to know what his thoughts are when he does something.  Last week he was quietly playing in his room, shuts his door, comes out and proceeds on to another activity.  I go get his clothes for school, there sits a chair, and covered the floor as you walk in was the vision of these foam animal stickers he had to climb in the chair, stand on the chair to reach them out of the top of his closet.  I look at him and try not to laugh and say, “really?” and he says, YEA.  I said did you think the animals needed to be free, the flood is over, they have been captive long enough, do you think you are Noah, in which J’s reply was, “YEA”

I caught him last night sitting in the chair, he stood up, stood there for a while and I thought he was going to take off walking, if his might could have made him he would have.  He grabbed the nurses hand, then grabbed mine and walked over to me.  He is putting his left leg down more and tomorrow he gets botox.