Friday, October 10, 2014

The Lord is my rock & fortress, in whom I will trust... Psalm 18:2

I was asked recently, did your life turn out like you had planned.  I can say with all confidence and praise to God, no it turned out better because it was God’s plan, Jer 29:11, and trusting in grace alone, through faith alone,  through Christ alone and Grace extended.  Is my life going great, NO, but I can once again say with all confidence and Praise to God, it is well with my soul.....

Jeremy has managed to stay healthy, his last urinary tract infection was in June and he has fought off a couple of illness.   We went to see Dr. Dan in June, and he wants to continue to watch and allow him to progress and I’m in total agreement.  The time we fix J’s spine will be when I say it's time.  I hate that I will have to make that decision for Jeremy and it will be a tough one.  I know the risk, the surgery could take Jeremy's life, more than likely leave him totally not mobile with very little chance to regain lost motor skills and that will be the hardest thing for Jeremy.  Jeremy isn't where he was before surgery and he's not where he was at after surgery but he can access his environment and that makes Jeremy happy.  I have decided to continue on with what we are doing, he's doing well with the nose cannula oxygen he is on, it was a tough transition but we’ve adjusted and he’s doing well.  It will be a decision of quality/quantity of life decision.

Jeremy is up to 65 pounds, and grew 2 inches this past year.  He started having some occasional episodes where his heart rate drops below 50 when he goes into a deep sleep.  He also throws in an extra heart-beat and diagnosed with Premature Atrial Contracture.  The sleep study results showed that he does over all good at night, his movements they feel are neurological.  When we see Dr. Miller we will discuss that issue.       

Jeremy started the 9th grade and loves it, he got a new teacher and classmates.  He turned 15 on August 9, we celebrated with a party at the bowling alley, for family and some of Jeremy’s friends.  He has developed this really, funny, belly laugh, which he will just laugh at everything.  He cracks everyone up. 

It’s been a great fall so far, nice temperatures, we are just living life in Jeremy World.   This weekend it is time to drag out and decorate for fall, our pumpkins, scarecrows, Halloween.  Mulley, the comical cat is doing great.