Monday, December 29, 2008

Jeremy's shopping experience....

Jeremy got $25 for Christmas so I let him go and pick out something he wants. We had played outside for hours, took several walks so I told him lets go to Wal-mart and go shopping, Jeremy clapped his hands with excitement and said, "yea". We get to Wal-mart and normally Jeremy hits sensory overload and ends up running through the store like a wild child, but he was so good and did great. Jeremy loves dolls, but he already got one for Christmas so my goal was to steer clear of the doll isle. Jeremy found this little transformer figure he put in the basket, we went down the musical isle and he found a guitar and a musical book and then in the middle of the shelf, with nothing else around it and the only one was this doll named, "Darby". I thought let's not make a big deal and he won't see it, well was I wrong. Jeremy's eyes lit up, he gave me the guitar and ran over to this doll and tried to get it out of the box, I tried to convince him to move on but forget it. It's his money, and the doll was normally $35.98 and he got it for $21.00 so it was a bargain for him. This is what he wanted so I picked up this box which was almost as big as he is and he followed me all the way through the store with a few distractions but keeping his eye on this doll. I buckled him in the car, and he tried and tried and by the time we reached home Darby was out the box. Darby, sings, dances and not only that she says 20 phrases, so I figured it's gotta be good for speech. So anyway we have a new doll name Darby which Jeremy has not quit playing with.

This morning as I was getting ready I could hear Jeremy in his room, singing, talking so I ran in and grabbled the camera and got this video. This is his kitchen that he got for Christmas. He was singing and talking up a store, and when he finally sees me he came out of his room and said, "Hi Ya" and YES this is his room and yes it actually looks like this. Our goal was to clean out the toy box today but didn't make it. (The video may stop several times but please be patient it is a good one of him)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry "Christ"mas

Jeremy has had a nice winter break so far, he stayed home with an HTS on Monday and Tuesday, I had to work them two days. I get Christmas Eve and Christmas day off and then I'm taking vacation and will be off until January 5, 2009.....WHOOOA. We did sleep in on Christmas eve which I can't tell you how GREAT that was. We took a bike up to this little girl in the hospital and Jeremy was really good, he didn't run around but mostly stayed with me and then we came home and baked 2 dozen sugar cookies. My mom always bakes a ham for Christmas day and we all bring snack foods, it makes for a restful, peaceful day. Jeremy didn't get a million toys which was nice, he did get his kitchen which he loves but what he plays with the most is a musical card I got him, go figure. I couldn't believe it I was almost to my parent's house and thought I forgot my camera, I didn't even take any pictures of him Christmas morning so I have no new pictures to post. We then decided to go see a movie so two of my sisters and two of my nieces went to see, "Marley and Me", it was good. Monday morning Jeremy has an appointment with John and will more than likely get casted for a new AFO for his right foot and maybe some adjustments. I'll also have John to check his back brace to see if we need any adjustments on that. Jeremy has speech therapy at 4:30pm on Monday and then that is all for appointments. I'm thrilled that his break is not filled up with appointments. We have sure had some cold days here but Christmas day and yesterday was awesome and Jeremy was able to play outside, but today it's back to being cold so he's going stir crazy having to stay in. Tomorrow is church so he will get out of the house and be around other children and people, it's suppose to be a little warmer tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Champion Child video

I'm so excited here is the link to the Champion Child video, you might have to copy and paste to the browser but you can see the video we did...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Jeremy and Santa

These were taken at my OG&E Christmas party, Jeremy was so tired when he got home from school and then he went to the party, he played so hard, chased children and he was being chased he was just worn out. He was even sitting in Elijah's wheelchair at one point. Santa couldn't get a smile out of him but finally got a 1/2 effort high five.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The J man at school...

Jeremy's teacher sent me this picture. I'm not sure what he was doing but he was having a good time with that ornery look on his face. Today he has his "Christ"mas party and then he is out of school until January 6, 2009.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The big fish story....

I don't know if you all remember the Big mouth bass that sings, well we have one that I inherited during our Dirty Santa that we play at my families Christmas. Jeremy loves songs and he loves that fish, he also has a reindeer that his grandma gave him that sits in a rocking chair and sings, "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" and he loves that reindeer. He also loves to put things in the microwave, take them out, put them back in but has never attempted to turn it on. That was until Sunday when he discovered that if he pushes the #1 it will automatically turn it on. So, after a great morning of him torching some cough drops I unplugged the microwave to alleviate that problem. I caught him trying to stuff the reindeer in there and I kept telling him that is not going to fit in there, well I was wrong because he made it fit. I had forgot to unplug it when I warmed up his soup. I smelled something that really stunk and I go in there and guess what he had put in the microwave, yes that poor fish, and it was smoking, there was smoke coming from the santa hat it had.
So that is our big fish story....

Friday, December 12, 2008

My funny, independent boy

We went to see Dr. Cyrus on Tuesday to check our ADHD medicine, Jeremy had been showing signs that the current dosage was not working. I've been working with Jeremy when he is getting ready to go to a Doctor visit to inform him of what is going to happen. I took the morning off so Jeremy was able to sleep in and eat breakfast at his leisure in which he enjoyed. I had ordered Dr. Cyrus office some holiday bread from Panera so we ran by to pick up the order. We were entering the driveway to his office and I told Jeremy we are here and he says, "nstop" and I said don't you want to go and see Dr. Cyrus and he says, "NO". When we got into the office I handed the sack to the receptionist and she took back to the break room. When she came and sit down Jeremy decided that he had found him a playmate. I bought a digital camera back in August that you can also tape videos and I thought man that would have been a cute video to capture for his blog, but like many times in the past I didn't have it with me. He initiated play with this girl by playing peek a boo, he would duck down and pop up and then do his cute little tilt back his head, wrinkle his nose and smile a big smile, he does this with people he's never met. Then the big guy (Dr. Cyrus) came out to thank him for the bread and Jeremy absolutely wanted no part of the thank you, he was too busy flirting. We adjusted the medicine. When we left Jeremy took his place going around to all the girls in the front office to see what they were doing, he helped Kara by putting away several of her items and then trying to get him to leave wasn't easy.

This spring we are going to search for Jeremy a new puppy. Tracker the bird dog whom we've had since Jeremy was a little over a year old passed away about 3 weeks ago. Tracker was so tolerate of Jeremy, would let him pull his ears, pat him sometimes harder than he should. When we go outside to play Jeremy looks around for Tracker so I know he misses him. It's funny they use to fight over toys, Jeremy would sit down a toy and tracker would come get it and take off running with it and Jeremy would yell at him. One time I heard Tracker growing and Jeremy screaming. I turn around to find Jeremy trying to get back his plastic chocolate milk jug that he was finished and threw it on the ground, tracker took the opportunity to take it because he loved to chew, Jeremy wanted it back and tracker didn't want to let it go. It was funny.

Tomorrow morning (Yes, I will take my camera with me) is the Kellyville Christmas parade, we are going to go and meet my mom, two of my sisters with their children and watch the parade it starts at 11am, then we will take Granny home maybe do a little shopping at Wal-mart and then we are going to put up our Christmas tree and Mickey mouse town, the plan was to put it up last week but we didn't make it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Jeremy's ears....

I took Jeremy to see Dr. David Hall, our ENT to check his ears. Jeremy has been pulling on his ears so I was afraid that he might be getting fluid build up. Jeremy has extremely small ear canals so he got his first set of tubes when he was 9 months old, we've had adenoids & tonsils removed and about 5 sets of tubes. The last set of tubes were T-tubes and they are suppose to last longer and normally have to be surgically removed and that was almost 3 years ago. We are assuming that the tubes are out of his ears, but the GREAT news is his ears look GREAT there is no sign of fluid build-up so Dr. Hall said this may be a sign that he is outgrowing the need for tubes. He thinks that the pulling on the ears might be due to he's got some wax and the tube looks to be laying right along the ear drum so he said that might be itching him. I'm going to use debrox in his ears twice a week to see if it will loosen the wax up and hopefully come out of his ear. Dr. Hall hates to clean out Jeremy's ears because he is so active and he's afraid he will accidentally puncture his ear drum. If Jeremy has a procedure where he has to be out I will coordinate with Dr. Hall to come over and clean his ears out really good and check out his ears, that is the way we normally do things.

Jeremy continues to be vocal and amazing me. Last night I had to meet his SLP to pick up an item and I told him he had to stay in the car and it sounded just like he said, "I get out". He also does this occasional growl, like Tim the tool man taylor does and it cracks me up. He had seen this SLP in 3 years and when she open the door to tell him "hi" he did his little crinkle up, cheesy shy smile which is flirting.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday !!!!!

I went up Thursday to the Children's hospital to help them serve dinner to the families who had to be there over the holiday. I can relate to being in the hospital during a holiday and the emotions that go with it. I always love meeting new families and getting to minister to the ones I've met in the past. Jeremy had a good holiday, we stayed home until Saturday when my mom had our family dinner. Jeremy was so tired when we got home and you would think he would crash but it works just the opposite with him and he didn't sleep hardly any. I was fixing my homemade noodles on Friday evening, Jeremy was up on the cabinet helping me I turned my back for just a split second and he had poured the whole can of baking powder into my boiling chicken. I can't complain he's trying so hard to help and wants to cook and help. When we got out to my mom's Saturday she told Jeremy to go put the milk in the ice box and he did it.

Jeremy has an appointment on Wednesday with Dr. Hall our ENT, he's been pulling on his ears and we know from our appointment in March that one of his T-tubes is out. He's not had any infection and has not been sick but we need to address this, we don't want him to get built up fluid. He's not been as verbal but that comes and goes, but he's been doing this high pitch squeal of AAAA and it sends chills up and down my spine. We go next week to our pediatrician to look at our medicines. Jeremy has not been wanting to focus at school and at home he's been a bear, aggressive, impulsive and not wanting to listen pretty defiant.