Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Vacation....

Today, started Jeremy's summer vacation and I know he is ready for the break. Jeremy had a crazy year, several major appointments but he had an AWESOME 4th grade year, lots of progress, maturity and socialization. Jeremy started sitting in latch-key and playing with his peers, he started saying "hey" to them which is a huge accomplishment for him.

I made reservations for us to attend Dreamnight next Friday, June 4 at the OKC Zoo, it's for families who have a loved one with developmental disabilities. We've never went in the past because I've always had so much going on, but this year I made reservations and we will be going and have fun.

I am so excited about the summer our HTS is going to be one of Jeremy's para-professionals from school and she will also have him at Extended school year so he will have so much consistently which is what he needs, did I say I'm excited? Jeremy will start ESY, June 22 through July 22, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am to noon. He will then do 3 days of autism camp, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 3pm.

I was looking at the calendar and it hit me, he's only going to get to enjoy 2 months of summer with his first spinal surgery being on August 6. We've been talking about this for a year, making plans since February when we seen Dr. Dan but to think it is fast approaching as made me start to bring up all these feelings that I've buried deep down for the past months thinking I would deal with them when the time is here. It's starting to get that time. We have our Pre-op appointment on July 16 at 1pm. I'm looking at going to Osage Beach on 15, there are several fun kids things to do, spend the night, go to Columbia for our Pre-op appointment on Friday, spend the night and head back home on Saturday and make it a fun 3 day trip for Jeremy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cool dude...at the luau

J is working on the last 3 days of the 4th grade and I think he is ready for the break, he has been pretty tired the last days. Today they had a luau, he wore his glasses but I didn't have any cool Hawaiian shirts but he is still adorable, they said he was dancing and having a great time.

I had his birthday party last weekend (soon as I find the USB cord I can download pics) and I know his birthday is in August but the thought was his friends never get to come and he will be recovering from his first spine surgery this year on his birthday. I took Jeremy to Wal-mart, Sunday after church we cruised the birthday isle and I told him to pick out something and he picked out Toy Story, no toy left behind which is not suprising he loves Woody and still carries around his little woody doll. On an AWESOME note I was so excited that a friend of Jeremy's came, she was excited to be there and told her mom, "I can't miss Jeremy's birthday party, I have to go" She helps Jeremy at school, sits with him at lunch. I was excited that this girl was there because of who Jeremy was, she isn't a cousin, she isn't one of my friends children, staff person but again a little girl who likes Jeremy because she at an early age has seen he is a person...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr. Comedian

Jeremy's para said this morning he was being a comedian, he woke up in an awesome mood and was having a good morning. They were walking down to the classroom with his friends and her daughters. Jeremy started performing for them, he was laughing and talking, they were laughing so of course that just gave him what he wanted. He was singing and dancing with a bucket on his head. He is getting quit the little flirt with the little girls.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010 !!!!!!!!

This afternoon I took a couple of hours of vacation to get some highlights in my hair, buy a birthday gift for my niece's birthday party and a trip over to the Pediatrician's office to pick up J's ADHD medicine. When I got home had time to throw a load of clothes into the washer and the bus arrived, they told me there was some breakable things in his bag. I started going through J's backpack to see what he made me, there was a cute laminated picture of him, a flower made out of a sponge, card and a potted flower. I read the card, the inside read, "happy mother's day I love you, Jeremy. I knew Jeremy didn't write that, I also know that even though he is non-verbal that he does love me. The outside of the card read, "your gift was from Jeremy. He learned how to plant flowers from a master gardener. He did all the planting himself using a picture schedule with a little assistance." So, with tears rolling down my face, it wasn't the thought that Jeremy even made it for me but it was that he did that on his own using a picture schedule. He has had a great year, with lots of progress but I've seen so much maturity.

We will get up tomorrow and then do something we've not done in years, Jeremy and I will go buy groceries. He does ok sometimes but it gets difficult when it comes time to check out. Sunday we will go to church and then go out to my mom's to celebrate mother's day....