Monday, November 24, 2008

No I don't want to go home.....

Saturday I had an Oklahoma Family Network staff meeting from 9:40am to 4pm. I had asked my sister to keep Jeremy because my mom had kept him the days I was in Utah so I didn't want to abuse that privilege but I have a friend who I met through my work with OFN and the Children's Hospital and she told me last summer if I ever needed a babysitter they would love to keep Jeremy. I asked her and she was so willing, plus Jeff and Lori have 5 children and 2 are younger so I knew Jeremy would have a blast and a blast he had. When I went to pick him up and the door was open he was at the door with everyone had a big ball in his hand and was shaking his head no and saying, "NO", that can make a mom feel good. Jeremy spent the day playing with the children and Jeff and Lori. He whined most the way home until he fell asleep.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Jeremy will surprise me so many times, he is so funny. The other night Jeremy told me "topp". He just continues to jabber jaw away, there will come a day he will start talking and with the two of us no one will get a word in.

Monday, November 17, 2008

To GOD be the glory !!!!!!!

Early Thursday, Nov 6 we lost a precious person in our lives, Grandpa Roberts, he had battled colon cancer for almost 9 months, I plan in the upcoming weeks put some pictures of him and Jeremy on his blog. Grandpa Roberts LOVED Jeremy with all his heart, they had a really special relationship as me and him did and I'm grateful for that in our lives and I will miss him deeply.

That is one of my favorite hymns to sing, To GOD be the glory great things he has done, so loved he the world that he gave us his son. I was blessed this past week with an opportunity to go back to Salt Lake City, UT for a conference on sibshops. I love Utah it's a beautiful site. I loved the drive from the airport, the walk to the restaurant, looking out my motel window, the conference there were mountains everywhere. I really learned lot about what siblings of children with special needs deal with, they deal with lot of the same thing that parents of children with special needs. It breaks my heart, but grateful that we were able to start sibshops here in Tulsa on a monthly basis. I was glad to get back in Oklahoma especially after we landed in Denver, CO and it was 28 degrees and I could see my breath while waiting on my luggage. I landed back in Tulsa at 11:59pm. Jeremy was sleeping when I got home but I made enough noise he woke up and came into the bedroom. When we got up the next morning he seemed excited to see me but looked right past me to get my mobile phone. Jeremy made it clear to me he was ready to eat, so we came into the kitchen, he climbed upon the cabinet by the toaster and was sitting there playing with my phone and I got really close and kissed his little cheek and said, "Whatcha doing?" and he looks at me while playing with my phone and says, "Nuttin". Yes, Utah was so beautiful but I am a born OKIE and tend to talk that way. Thank GOD for mommies who love their daughters and even when we have children of our own and in our 40's she came and took care of Jeremy, kept my house clean and did some of my laundry. Thank you GOD for little boy's who miss their mommies when they are gone. Thank you GOD for all the beautiful, wondrous world that you created. Thank you GOD for sending your son Jesus and that you deemed me important enough to save me from my sins.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Jeremy was doing speech therapy with Ms. Stacie and he loves the baby doll she brings, she uses pictures and signs to get him to request what he wants. Jeremy was snooping in the bag because he likes the dishes she brings and likes to feed the baby. We were sitting there and he says, "ack" I looked at her and said he said, "snack" and she agreed, I gave him his trail mix and he took a handful, tried to feed the baby and when she wouldn't take it he instantly took it for himself. Jeremy also signed the word, "eat" only after Stacie doing it one time yesterday, and he's not done that in a loooonnnnggg time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Fall Festivities.....

On Friday, October 24 we had our Oklahoma family Network reunion at the Orr Family Farm in Moore, OK. I didn't want to take Jeremy by myself so I bought tickets for my mother, sister and niece to go with me. I was excited and knew that Jeremy would LOVE being in the outdoors and free to roam, pet animals and play. I had gotten my directions off of Yahoo and they were way off, we were over an hour late. We got to eat hot dogs, they got to pet animals, ride a horse, milk a pretend cow. Here are a few pictures of our adventure. We stayed until 8:30, by then Jeremy decided he was hungry so we stopped to fill up the car, drove across the street to McDonald's and arrived at our house around midnight, it was funny Jeremy would not go to sleep on the way home but there was activity in the car but after we dropped Granny off he passed out before we got on the highway to come home. Here are some pictures of our adventure, Jeremy loved petting animals we couldn't get him to come out of the pen.

That next night was his school carnival, I worked the concession stand and can't tell you how many chili dogs, Frito chili pies, pizzas and nachos that I served but it was fun and we raised money for the school.

Halloween I didn't get Jeremy a costume, I put him in his Incredible Hulk shirt and his teacher painted his face green, I was up at the Children's Hospital helping with the carnival and when I got home Jeremy was sitting on the couch with a toy in his hand passed out. I would say with that he was worn out with the fall festivities.