Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland...

It's been doing some sort of winter precipitation since yesterday, it's really cold and it is suppose to do this off and on until later tonight. Tomorrow it is suppose to be partly cloudy and 39 degrees and keep warming up from there. I am hoping that most of it will melt and I'll thaw out. I'm doing this mind over matter thing and pushing it out of the area, so all those in favor join me. I'm the type of person who could live with 70-80 degrees year round and do not require any ice, sleet, or snow to make my life complete, but enough on weather. Jeremy was in prison all weekend, it was cold and his nose was runny and he had a cough so I wasn't sure if he was coming down with something but I made him stay inside. He did have school yesterday but is out today and tomorrow for sure. I had Jeremy talked into doing his dance yesterday but each time I would reach for the camera he would stop. I am going to get a video of him dancing.

One of Jeremy's teachers at school sent me a couple of pictures of him working at school, they are pretty recent so I thought I would share all his hard work. They read the story, "The Mitten" and then was doing an acitvity for speech.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jeremy was counting...

Over the weekend Jeremy was playing with my phone and I could hear him...aaaa,aa,aaa and I wondered what he was doing so I kept listening and he was counting. I was so excited and praised him for doing such a great job of counting. Stacie, Jeremy's speech pathologist is working with him to pick 1 task, finish the task, put up the task before moving on to another task. Jeremy has to choose an activity by picking one of the pictures, then he gets that activity, when he is finished he must put the picture in the box, put up the activity and then pick another picture. He did well, very attentive. When he was almost finished he just wanted the box of pictures and he started this, aaa, aa, aaa, he was counting the pictures.

I'm trying to get a video of Jeremy dancing. He has so much fun doing it, he normally just turns around in circles but then his creative side he throws in the occasional surprise mom with a jump. I tell him how great he is doing and he is proud of himself. When I ask him to dance for the camera he won't do it, he just looks at me as to say, "as if I perform upon request". I'm going to have to catch him in his natural dance and have the video ready.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jeremy's dental appointment

Jeremy had a 6 month check-up with Dr. Winder our pediatric dentist on Thursday and his teeth overall looked really good, considering in order to brush his teeth it's me actually putting him in a head lock and brushing his teeth, he hates it and could care less if I do it or not. It's always a battle with cleaning teeth but Dr. Winder's office is awesome with his special needs, I hold down his arms and yes I actually sit on his legs. They were finished with their part and I was going to get Jeremy and he came up swinging so I got a little close and he punched me in the face, I told him not to hit.

Jeremy is out of school Monday for a school holiday so I'll be taking a day of vacation, it's suppose to be somewhat nice that day so he should be able to play outside most of the day.


I was looking over my past post and realized I didn't say anything about us bringing in the New year, that must be because Jeremy fell asleep about 9pm and I laid on the couch watching "Elf" for the bazillion time this year. We got up New year's day and go out to my parents for our annual eating of the black-eye peas, you have to eat black-eye peas, it brings you happiness, health, wealth and a year of good luck, ok I don't beleive that I like black-eye peas and I'm the sentimental person who just loves family traditions. After dinner my sister and I decided we would take her 6 year old daughter to see Bedtime stories, I persuaded my 15 year old niece to watch Jeremy and I would pay her so off to Sand springs to see the movie we went, we were so excited that Jeanna actually fell asleep on the way over, all my other nieces and nephews had seen it or they would have been going. Well we got there just a little too late and it was all sold out, I called Sapulpa and it just started so we headed back to Kellyville, we should have went to Sapulpa in the first place it was closer and the gas I used going to Sand springs and coming back to Kellyville the tickets would have bought themselves, but my sister likes Sand springs. We got back out to my parents house and we all decided on a game of Monopoly. We started out with two of my sisters, a brother in law, 1 niece, 2 nephews and I. This was at 6pm, my niece and nephew surrendered and decided to go play, "Guitar Hero" (like that is any fun). I ended up getting all of my sisters possessions, my brother in law ended up with my other sister's possessions so it was down to the two of us. I'm sad and disappointed to say that at 10pm my brother in law after a hard attempt try officially took ownerships of all my possessions. We headed home, went straight to bed.

Jeremy is doing well at school starting the new semester, he's growing up so much and so wants to help out with whatever you are doing. Yesterday we get in the house from getting off the bus and he takes off his coat and without even being asked he goes over and puts it on the chair where I always put it. Last night I was folding clothes and had my piles on the couch, I took the towels to the closet to put them up, here comes J man with the stack of kitchen towels and he would not settle for me trying to explain Jeremy they go in the kitchen, he had to put them where mom put the bathroom towels. So, I waited until he got occupied doing something else and put them where they belong. He is so funny.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Scoliosis check

We went yesterday for our yearly check with Dr. Anagnost although it turned out to be a little over a year. Dr. A said that it looked like the upper curve had progressed but the lower curve looked better, he said overall since he has been seeing Jeremy it has progressed some but we are getting to the point that we may have to address this issue. I admitted I was a BAD MOM and didn't make Jeremy wear the brace over the summer and then of all things he broke his leg the first of August so during the process there was an additional 3 months. Dr. A has told me all along that he wasn't sure if and when the spine had to be fixed if he would be the one to do it, Jeremy is complicated and he said you need a place that does this frequently. He wouldn't fuse Jeremy's spine because once you do that they don't grow, and a growing rod has it's own set of complications. He said if I went to another Orthopedic surgeon they would probably freak out and say it needs to be fixed ASAP but he's had the benefit of knowing Jeremy for the past 6 years and it's not causing him breathing or mobility problems. He said we would probably want to check out Minneapolis, MN or Lewisville, KY he did his residency at one place and he said they had a big spine center there, as well as Shriner's. We go back in 6 months instead of a year. It is also difficult to say the least to get a good X-ray of Jeremy so I asked about doing an MRI since we have to put Jeremy out. Our NSG suggested that we do a brain MRI periodically and we've not done one for almost 5 years so this would be a good opportunity to do both at one time. Pray for Jeremy's spine, me and our medical team.