Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of a GREAT Year !!!!!

Well here we are again, December 31, 2014, once again getting ready to welcome another New year.  I reflect back over the past year and highlights. 

I'm still blessed with my wonderful job at OG&E, will be celebrating 24 years in March.  The year started in January with me learning a new process in the way my job as a scheduler was done.  It also came with a new boss, and many new co-workers.  It was all a good transition.  I continue work with the Oklahoma Family Network, which I attribute it to also being my therapy, I've met many new families this year that always bless my life. 

We were due our 6 month Private duty nursing review the end of January and ended up having to file an appeal as we were denied nursing, and I felt that Jeremy's health had remained the same.  Jeremy like normal had his own agenda, and about the time we were awarded our private duty nursing back within the month Jeremy's health was taking a severe curve down.  He had some freaky episode, we assume a seizure that took him 45 minutes to regain his mobility.  He then started getting sick frequently, out of breath and just not tolerating much of life, we started to notice blue fingernails and with the month of April we added a new specialist to our already long list, Dr. Walters, Pediatric Pulmonologist.  Jeremy now requires 1 liter of oxygen 24/7 through a nose cannula, he does good but still has time that he will desaturated.  He also requires periodic pulse ox checks and continuous monitoring at night.  Jeremy has stayed healthy since that point, his last UTI was in June.  We have had lots of staff changes this year for Jeremy, but replacements have all been good and I try to keep an open mind.  Jeremy got to attend a weekend camp, Camp Barnabas, and he did great, had such a great time.  I have already enrolled him for the summer camp that is a week long.  Jeremy's spine does continue to progress but no plans for surgery, it's a tough surgery and will produce some of it's own issues. 

We continue to have our crazy cat, Mulley, she is fun to have around, does the silliest things. 

We continue to be blessed with our church, Sapulpa Bible Church, the people we attend with, the pastor, worshipping GOD in songs and preaching of his word.  GOD really started teaching me, how do I respond to the trials in my life and I want people to see God in my life, point them in his direction, this life is temporary and I need to be more concerned with eternity.  I realize that so many times people don't have GOD, they are having a bad day and I need to exhibit more compassion.  I'm not where I was but I'm not where I need to be.  God search me and try me. 

We normally start out the new year with spending the night at Granny's, but with Jeremy being on oxygen it's really hard to carry all his equipment with us and easier to stay at home, so that is where we will bring in the New year. 

Here are a few pictures of the craziest in our house..