Friday, July 6, 2012


I told Jeremy I was getting ready to go to work and his reply was, "WHATS UP WI TAT" at first I thought where did he get that and then it hit me, how many times have I walked into a room where he has made a mess or doing something and I say, "What's up with that".  I forget how many times I say a phrase until he repeats it to me.  The funny little boy cracks me up.

We had a nice 4th of July holiday, went to my sister's played water volleyball and cooked out.  Jeremy loves the hot-tub, I had to keep making him get out and take breaks so he didn't get too hot.  He did enjoy the pool a little but really liked laying on a mat and floating around.  He was just worn out, fell asleep on the way home, then went like a Gremlin for about an hour and then he passed out and I don't think he moved the entire night.

We are gearing up for vacation next week, we leave Wednesday July 11 and come back on Sunday, July 15.  I will post some pictures next week of our fun.

When Jeremy said that phrase it made me think, I wonder how many times GOD is saying to me, "what's up with that"