Friday, April 27, 2012

The GOD of yesterday is the same GOD as today.....

It is an amazing time in Jeremy World this Oklahoma weather minus the threats of tornadoes have been awesome, but growing up in Oklahoma it is what it is.  I am grateful for what GOD has allotted us, the cool, spring weather.   
                J is J and only has 2 weeks of school left (WHOA).  Jeremy is pulling himself to objects, still has trouble getting his legs under him but he is getting there, one day last week he got brave and let go of everything and just stood in the middle of the floor for 2-3 minutes like he was staring me down, I told him go ahead take off walking, I dare you.  He is cruising around objects.  When I got home yesterday, Matt his behavior teacher was there to see him and hadn’t seen him since last August.   J holding my hand and Matt’s walked into the house, did the left/right leg and was able to lift his leg to get up the step.  I continue to be in awe of him.  Matt commented on how well Jeremy was doing, getting around, matured, vocalizations, obeying, and then it was time for Matt to leave and no kidding my son turned into a Gremlin.   
                This morning I put shorts on Jeremy, which this time last year I couldn’t because he was dragging his knees, not standing so he would literally tear his knees up, but this year he’s a different child.  My mind went back to when Jeremy was 4 days old and discovered he was missing his corpus callosum and the words the Neonatologist’s spoke to me that cut into my soul, “He will never walk, never talk, he will be deaf, blind and mentally retarded”.  In those words spoken she stole my dreams this wasn’t what I had visions of when I got to first look Jeremy in the eyes, who had been kicking me for months.  I was thrown into a medical world that I didn’t want to be a part of and started to live a defeated life and then there was the first follow up with Dr. Cyrus, everyone should have a Dr. Cyrus.  Dr. C words were, “we don’t know what Jeremy is going to do, so we are going to maximize his potential, let Jeremy show us what he can do and don’t let him slip through the cracks, I will do my part and you do your part”.  I had never in my entire life even known a child born with any special medical needs but that moment I got my vision back.  Dr. Cyrus motivated me to be the mom for Jeremy plus at that point I was still afraid of him, which is no longer the case I dearly love and respect that man, he is one of Jeremy’s biggest fans.   
                There have been many bible verses that I have claimed since Jeremy was born, James 1:5 is one of them, “If any lack wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”   I lack so much wisdom when it comes to parenting Jeremy.  The God to Daniel who saved him from the Lion’s Den is my GOD so because I believe in him, put my faith, hope, trust and life in his hands, I have that same God as yesterday.  I don’t pretend to understand all of life but I do trust and have faith in God.   
                I remember when we first looked at fixing the spine, my prayer was, “GOD heal his spine”.  I knew if this was the plan he could do it, he put Jonah in the belly of that fish and spit him out on the shore.  I started praying send us to that surgeon/facility that he had picked out because I knew he had that place, he knew J was going to have a difficult time.  When we went to St. Louis I seen a very negative surroundings and left defeated, crying out to GOD, really? This is it? Help me to see it.  My soul was unsettled and there was a drive, that told me keep going you aren’t there yet.  I never dreamed that we were only 1 hour, 100 miles from St. Louis was where we would be.  Then Dr. Dan, I know I frustrated him with endless questions and he frustrated with me with no answers, it took us a few days to see that I was trying to understand and I seen that he was doing what was best for Jeremy and was trying to understand and I never doubted him.   I was blessed with his positive attitude and words.  A caring community, hospital that took us in because I was there alone and was knocked to my knees.  I was blessed with the first resident I ever trusted or valued the opinion of, to hear him say, J recovers fast.  I think everyone needs a Dr. Dan, that cares about Jeremy and wants what is best for him and can say, “we aren’t proceeding because this isn’t right for J, and my medical knowledge tells me one thing but J is doing another thing.”

I think everyone also needs the GOD of yesterday for today, because he is unchanged......


Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick update

Jeremy ended up with yet another Urinary tract infection this past week, I thought he was about to battle it on his own but then the fever, the culture came back growing something.   The plan is to treat this one and then go on a preventive protocol.  We got the MRI done and the ventricles are not enlarged, looks great.  The shunt that was rotated or something possibly pushing on it, there is nothing on the MRI and when you compare to the one in 2009 it was about the same so no issue there.  He does have sinusitis, so we will follow up with our Pediatrician or ENT, this is also the reason he's been pointing to his head.   I cancelled all of Jeremy therapy appointments, he was tired and needed to rest and he had a great week, was walking all over the place and even caught the little turkey standing in the middle of the floor balancing himself. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring time

We have had amazing Oklahoma weather and truly loving springtime GOD has allotted us.  Jeremy started horse therapy again and is just really loving it, when I ask are you ready to go ride horses his reply is always, "YEA" with a clap.  We awoke to such a beautiful Saturday, my lilies and roses were in full bloom.  I opened up all the windows to let the fresh air blow in, fixed Jeremy breakfast and we ate on the patio.  J actually played a little more than he ate.  We got around and went to ride horses, came home, fixed banana pudding and took a little nap while supper cooked in the crock-put.  We got up Sunday morning to another glorious day, fixed a pineapple upside down cake (my 1st attempt which turned out pretty good) went to church and then enjoyed a great meal out at Granny and Papa with family.  Jeremy could care less about finding eggs other than when he finds them he throws them because he thinks they are balls.  Jeremy stood, walked around things and must have crawled the entire 3 acres so when we got home, bath time and his head hit the pillow and I never heard another sound.  

We got our Pre-op appointment done for the sedated MRI on April 19, we have to be there at 5:30am.....
Mr. J riding horses

J decided he could add dressing
Riding horses

Think he was trying to be an Easter Egg