Friday, June 29, 2012

Yet another UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) for Jeremy

Jeremy started Monday, running a little fever, cloudy urine, vomitting so like expected he tossed and turned, up and down Monday night.  I was exhausted when it was time to get up on Tuesday so turned off the alarm and got an hour more sleep, took a culture in to the urologist office.  Then he started running a higher fever but maintained.  We got the results back yesterday they are putting Jeremy on a different antibotic to treat the UTI for 10 days.  We are going to insert a foley cathear at night, this way his bladder can drain and the urine won't be sitting in there which is a breading ground for bacteria.  Jeremy was already feeling better this morning. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Set your affection on things above....

                There is never a dull moment in Jeremy world.  I was cleaning up his room and found this in a toy I have no idea how long it’s been there but I had to giggle and wonder, really, what was he thinking?  This was once a cutesy orange if you have ever had one they are good, Jeremy loves them and they are super easy to peel.  I can say this orange was tortured by natural causes and no way harmed by the microwave which is how Jeremy usually tortures something.   
                My mind started to ponder perhaps there was a lesson in this as you know I live in Jeremy World and he teaches me.  I started praying and asking for wisdom and found the verse in Colossians, 3:2, “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”  This was a perfect example because this was once a delicious orange, but you seen what happened, it shriveled up and no longer edible.  I am truly blessed beyond what I deserve and last week I met a  precious 10 year old girl, who has just pulled on my heart.  I don’t know how God wants me to minister to them and maybe GOD is going to use them to minister to me, it’s never about me but always about God.  I am praying for the family every night.   A trip to Wal-Mart a bought book, magazine, moon sand, bead art to occupy her time and it put a smile on her face. 

                I went to straighten up my counter top last night only to notice that all the prunes were missing from the bowl.  These are individually wrapped so they stay fresh but J can open them.  He loves prunes which works great because it keeps him regular.  I was pretty sure him eating all of them would not have produced a good outcome, literally.   I was happy to find them all stuffed inside one of his glasses in which he put the lid on and put back in the cabinet.  I am excited that we are officially one week with Jeremy asking and using the toilet, no dirty diapers.  We graduated to the night time diapers for accidents but he is just using 1 a day.  He has to be straight cathed so this is working great.  I have bought him some big boy underwear and we are going to start trying it on him.  He may start school this fall in underwear.  My little boy was so worn out last night that at 8pm he says, “I rady bed”   

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Munk-Munk

I have always said J was a monkey, it's just a matter of fact.  Our wonderful weekend nurse taught him how to imitate a monkey, so now if you say monkey he automatically does his imitation and it's so cute.  He started the day before saying, "munk-munk", it took us a while to figure out he was saying monkey....