Thursday, September 13, 2012

Look what I can make....

“The Lord upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down.” Psalm 145:14 

I have been praying for wisdom into Jeremy’s health, he gets one UTI after another.  We irrigate his bladder twice a day with normal saline and then 3 times a week we add a irrigation flush with gentymician.  I started him on a probotic to put the good bacteria into his system and hope that his system can start fighting off infections.  Last week Jeremy got a UTI,  he had made it 2 weeks without one and rebounded quicker, he started bactrim on Saturday morning and by Sunday evening he was back to being his ornery self.     
We lost my Uncle Billy, he has always been in my life and was my mom’s oldest sibling.  I have many fond memories of him.  I would go by to visit when I was in Shawnee for work and there were many weekends that mom, Jeremy and I would go stay the night, we would grill out, get up the next morning and go to garage sales.  I loved talking to Uncle Billy, he loved and welcomed everyone into his home.  We would start a conversation over nothing to see who would start the argument first and then laugh.  He will be missed.   
This morning as if we don’t have a marathon to accomplish before Jeremy gets on the bus.  I find J's lunch box on the floor with everything out of it, containers open and this on the table.  I look at him and ask, Why? and his reply was, “I said, wats up wit tat” I told him that is my question to you.  I don't know if he had been talking to me while I was getting ready and I didn't answer so he was going to show me or didn't like what I put in his lunch so he was going to take care of it himself.... Never a dull moment in Jeremy world... I love this boy, he makes me laugh.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

O-M-G (gosh) we have a teenager...

 I am behind on posting so I'm going to lump several together.  On August 9, Jeremy turned 13 years old so in the words of Dr. Cyrus coming into our 13 year check-up, O-M-G (gosh) we have a teenager in which my comment was, "yes you 2 have been aggravating each other for 13 years".  This appointment was no different, with Dr. C grabbing the book from Jeremy and Jeremy slapping it with his hand and screaming NO and Dr. C laughing at him and doing this just to hear him say No.  I watched a mom walk out of her appointment with a baby on her hip and thought, wow, we've been coming to see Dr. Cyrus for 13 years.  Here are a few pictures of Jeremy's birthday bash becoming a big teenage boy....