Thursday, May 31, 2012

The days of summer....

We seen Dr. Miller last week for urology update, the kidney/bladder ultrasound looks good so that means Jeremy's kidneys are not being damaged our biggest issue right now is getting the urinary tract infections under control.  Dr. Miller increased the irrigation with Genytmician and J is on a preventive antibiotic so we are currently 1 month infection free.  We are going to repeat the urodynamic study on June 27 to check the pressures in his bladder.  

We had a super busy weekend, it was our garage sale we sold lot of our stuff didn't make a huge fortune but the goal was to get rid of.  My nephew spent the weekend with us so Jeremy had Johnathan and they had so much fun.  Saturday evening we kept James and Jeanna for a while, so Jeremy had a crew to play with and he was having so much fun but he was so tired.  I made them all ice-cream cones and took them outside, as they took a break from their game of dodge ball.  Sunday was for church, had a great worship service and we relaxed....
J going for a walk 

J playing outside with cousins

They were having a blast

Playing dodge ball
Notice that FG horn....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome Summer break 2012....

                Jeremy got out of school last Friday, May 11 and he was ready.  He had his 6 month kidney/bladder ultrasound scheduled that afternoon so we got that done and will see Dr. Oren Miller next Friday for results.  Jeremy had a great year, we all seen so much progress and I seen maturity.   I am so proud of all his hard work, the way he always perseveres even when he doesn’t feel good he just tries and smiles.  I was happy with progress he made in spite of all the days he missed being sick, and he missed more this year than all his years combined.  I didn’t even advocate for any summer school, I just thought he’s done it all his life so I am hoping that an easy, laid-back summer at home will give him time he needs to rest.  He got 2 new nurses for the summer, he’s adapted to them and they will both be great with him.  We interviewed our new HTS that will work with Jeremy on his skills, she will be great.  We enjoyed a nice weekend, Saturday it was a nice, cool day.  We are getting ready for a garage sale next weekend over Memorial day, I have been cleaning out everything I can find, I am through cleaning so now will come the chore of gathering everything together, organize and get it priced which starts this weekend.  I am donating all the money I raise to the network I support, Oklahoma Family Network so we can help families who need it.
                I had a great mother’s day, we went to church, Jeremy picked me out a potted flower and then we went out to spend the day with my mom and siblings.  We had a great cook-out, lots of fun and laughter.  My 2 younger nieces were trying to win tickets to an upcoming concert.  They had every mobile phone in the house, home phone and had everyone calling to be the 10th caller.  Then my one sister actually won tickets and it was so funny, she was screaming louder than the girls were, Jeremy was sitting there just watching all of this and I sit back and made fun of them. 
                Here are some pictures….
My mom, niece-Brandi, J and me 

J w/ Brandi (licked her ear)

My mom and sisters

Me with 2 of my nieces

J w/ Johnathan

Mommy and J 

Me with J and my mom

School was over

He fell asleep looking through the book

Last day of school 

Niece and Nephew, looking bad

Gremlin cleaned out a drawer for me

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Gremlin !!!!!

Jeremy has been so sick this week.  I was certain we were going to be admitted and was to the point of begging to be admitted.  It was a huge mess over the antibiotic.  Dr. Rippy after getting the urine culture called in the script to our Sapulpa Wal-mart, and they ordered in the wrong one.  I of course didn’t find this out until Tuesday evening when I called to see if it was ready.  They couldn’t tell me if they could get the right one by Wednesday and I wasn’t going to risk that.  I called every pharmacy in Tulsa, our nursing agency, finally in desperation called back Naomi she had me on speaker phone and Dr. Rippy was there and they got it ordered and it came in the next morning.  Jeremy would feel OK during the day, but at night he would run fever, toss and turn.  He did wake up yesterday morning feeling better so I let him go to his field trip at the aquarium, I knew he would love it.  He came home from school would take a nap, eat a little, lay back down.  He slept better last night and woke up with that Gremlin attitude this morning in which I’m grateful to see.      
 I started calling J a Gremlin because let’s face the fact, he is one.  I love to hear Jeremy talk, it is funny how he says the words and what he comes up with.  I love his little new personality that is coming out in him.    

I wanted him to sleep yesterday morning so I barely shut the door, I just sit at the table to have a cup of coffee and hear, “HEY”, I didn’t answer thinking he would lay back down, “HEY”, waited and then “HEY     HEY ” and the door swung open.  He came home from school yesterday and took everything out of his bag, and takes out a book and says, “I take thss”.  I told him that is going back to the school.  This morning I am not sure if he was talking in his sleep or just woke up for a bit but I could hear him laying there saying his favorite phase, “I sid, I sid” and finally, “I sid I sck”  just totally cracked me up.  When he gets ready to go to bed at night the stroller with the babies, shoes, whatever else he feels needs to be on the stroller must lay on the foot of the bed, if they aren’t you will have to go get them and poor babies have laid there all week.  This morning he was pointing saying, “I wat tat” I said you want the babies, “YEA”, I get them down push the stroller to him and clear as day he says, “Hey babies”.