Monday, December 31, 2012

To God be the Glory, good-bye 2012 and welcome 2013 !!!!!

We had a few scares last year with Jeremy start out in February with a routine CT scan to see our Neurosurgeon to see that the shunt had shifted forward so possibly dislodged or possible tumor a pretty scary time.  We know the shunt is 10 years old living on borrowed time.  We did an MRI and everything was fine.  In July in an attempt to figure out a way to reduce the number of UTI's we decided that doing a Foley cathear at night to keep his bladder empty.  Then one Saturday, I had made plans to have dinner and see a movie with a friend, came home and we took a good, nice nap.  We got around to install the Foley cathear, nothing new process and Jeremy had pulled on it.  We notice no draining and when we removed it blood started to gush out, so grateful our home nurse was here.  I loaded Jeremy up rushed him to the ER, the nurse stayed and cleaned up the kitchen and I was sure we were to be admitted or he did some major damage but to God be the glory a week of a Foley cathear to reduce the swelling worked, it was removed and we returned to cathing him 5 times a day.  Jeremy started 7th grade, enjoys choir and being around his peers.  He's done very well and only missed about 4 days due to a UTI which has been his only sickness.  He continues to be verbal, funny and ornery. 

I have been blessed to be at OGE for 22 years, I love my job, co-workers and the work that I do.  I continue to do my work for the Oklahoma Family Network for 10 years.  I was excited to get a Hispanic family partner to help us with our families who speak Spanish and excited for this upcoming year.  I have became busy with this, we have been doing Tulsa Sibshops for 5 years which is a huge blessing to families and the children are just amazing. 

We live in a ever changing world, I officially will become a single mom as we filed for divorce and go to court on January 8.  My job at OGE will come this upcoming year with some changes.  I also need to make some changes in the area of not being so hung up on getting things scheduled/planned.  I am OCD in that area.  I have also came to realize that our lives are just different, Jeremy gets tired easier so trying to cram a full day on a vacation is just not going to be possible with him, he doesn't respond well so we are going to have to take things slower. 

I'm grateful for our church Sapulpa bible church, love attending, the worship service is so spirit-filled, the preaching of God's word is the truth.  I have enjoyed picking up 2 little girls and taking them to Awannas and then staying for bible study and taking them home. 

So, good-bye 2012 like any year there were highs and there were lows and hello 2013 !!!!!

Vacation & Christmas...

I was on vacation starting December 21, but it was Jeremy's last day of school.  This allowed us to sleep a little later, take our time getting Jeremy ready for school.  Once he was on the bus, I had my house all to myself and that never happens.  I was excited to take my time getting dressed.  I then was off to run errands go to my chiropractor appointment which I needed, grabbed pizza and spent the evening relaxing with Jeremy.  We then spent the next 12 days pretty  much the same, sleeping in, relaxing and pretty much no agenda.

We had a return trip to Columbia, Missouri to see our Amazing Super-Hero Dr. Dan for a follow-up visit. My nephew James was our traveling companion, we left early on Thursday, December 27.  Our appointment was at 3:50pm.  We arrived in time to visit some of our friends at the Children's Hospital, then went to our visit with Dr. Dan.  We got to visit with Dr. Daniel Robertson who was our first resident, and we love him he's so awesome, compassionate and full of empathy.  Then Dr. Dan came in with the new resident who is married to one of our past resident, Dr. Nelle, who was with us our 17 days in traction.  Jeremy's spine is flexible, he can see the difference in the previous X-ray in brace and this past out of brace.  Dr. Dan was impressed with how well J was getting around, his endurance.  Once again no plans to do anything permanent, which I told Dr. Dan I was fine with that.   We come back in 6 months for a re-check.  I then got to meet Dr. Kuhns, who was the surgeon who assisted Dr. Dan in the surgery, and I wanted Dr. Kuhns to get to see Jeremy to see how well he was doing.  Jeremy walked in the walker up and down the hallways. 

We then went to the Columbia Mall, walked around and did some shopping.  We went back up to the hospital to catch Nurse Michelle, whom we haven't seen since Jeremy was discharged and she was our night nurse out on the floor and really loved Jeremy and we loved her. 

We met up with our friends in Osage Beach for lunch and enjoyed time with them.  We arrived home at 6pm and was ready for home. 

It was a nice 12 day vacation, I enjoyed the relaxation and the no agenda, no rushing around just whatever, whenever.....

Here are some pictures of our trip:

Granny on Christmas
Papa on Christmas
J's spine July and December

J with Dr. Robertson

J with Dr. Dan

J with Maydsen his friend

Me with Zayden (love this kid)

Zayden, J and Maydsen

J at MU Children's helping Steph

J w/ Nurse Michelle (she was our night floor nurse for 17 days

J w/ Herschel (custodian that always played with Jeremy when we were there)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's beginning to look lot like Christmas....

The Oklahoma weather won't necessarily put you in the Christmas Spirit but I love the mild weather and not complaining.

We had such a nice, casual Thanksgiving holiday, dinner with my sister and her family on Thursday.  Friday I got motivated and got most the outside lights out and arranged in how I wanted them, did a little Christmas shopping.  Saturday was sit aside for my families big dinner, with all my brothers and sisters plus we got a pleasant surprise my dad went and got his sister from Chandler, my Aunt Ruth.  There was plenty of good food, and plenty of laughs which is always pretty much a given with my family.  Then Sunday was a perfect day to finish up outside decorations, such a beautiful warm day so I was able to get all of the outside decorations up and make sure they were all lit up, almost a Clark W. Griswold moment.  Jeremy came outside and got to look around.

Here are a few of our decorations:



Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Awesome Halloween 2012...

I figured since Jeremy was officially a teenager and he never really cared about going to the carnivals, so we decided we would decorate the yard and hand out candy.  It was the perfect Oklahoma weather.  We started out with pizza/pop for dinner and then sit outside on the front porch.  It was a little while before we got any trick or treaters so Jeremy and I snacked, J loved the twizzlers and I the twix bars.  We laughed, would scream Boo because it would set off the hanging ghoul and then the ghost would feed off the ghoul.  When they started coming Jeremy would just stare at them like trying to figure out what all these little creatures were, I would hand out the candy and then when they walked away Jeremy would give his wave and say, "bye".   So many of the children said, "I know Jeremy" he goes to my school or I use to go to school with him.  We had so much fun. laughing, playing.  When his head hit the pillow he was out like a light.    

He was having fun
All our goodies
A twizzler again

My ghoul going to the window

My ghoul at the window

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Break....

                Jeremy was out of school 3 days for fall break and needed it.  I took off Friday, so we picked up my niece Miranda and went to the Pumpkin patch.  Just for the record, Jeremy could care less about climbing on the pumpkins, or picking one out, or petting the animals but was interested in riding the horse.  We then went to buy groceries and the request was tacos for supper.  The next day was a slow morning and then I had to go off to sibshops.  Miranda went to help me.  We returned home with pizza.  Sunday we went to church, then home for a quick second to change and head off to the buddy walk.  I had a blast seeing friends and Jeremy had so much fun got to ride the horses again.  It was a little warm that day, but we all had so much fun.  We took Miranda out to Granny and Papa, so when it was time to leave, Jeremy kept telling Miranda get in, when she told him she had to stay and buckled him in he grabbed her hair and wasn't letting go.  He had so much fun with her staying and wanted her to come back with him.  When we got home he was so beyond exhausted, he just laid around, looking at his book until it was time for a bath and early bed.   
                The weather even though we've had a few cold spells it’s been so beyond awesome….
J and Miranda-Pumpkin patch
Riding the horse
Miranda, Elsie and J 
J working hard at PT

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fantastic Fall days.....

We are sure enjoying the fantastic fall weather here in Oklahoma, we've had nice days and evenings.   Jeremy has got to play outside, we take walks in the evenings.  Jeremy is on fall break the rest of this week and I think he was ready as he's not missed a day of school since September 7.  He works so hard, it just amazes me sometimes that he just doesn't pass out from exhaustion, but he just keeps smiling and going.  He loves school, his teacher, friends and peers.  

I had to take Jeremy's picture pass up to school last Friday.  I was so thrilled to see him standing in line with his walker, they said he wanted to walk from his class to the cafeteria, then he was walking around the gym with a friend.  He was so happy...

J decided he needed a spa time 

We are having a little Halloween fun this year, I added a few decorations to the yard.  J loves the ghost and ghoul because they are sensory activated and he loves to see them sound off, swing around and light up.  I figure next year we might add a few inflatables.....
J's ghost and ghoul, he loves them 

J's graveyard scene

Monday, October 8, 2012

J the Houdini....

Jeremy wasn't happy about sitting in his car seat yesterday, I always make him set in it.  I put him in it after church, we don’t live far from our church.  I could see him standing up and told him you need to sit down and he did.  We arrive home and when I open the back seat this is how I found him, yes I was laughing and had to take a picture because I'm not sure how he even managed this.  He did hog tie himself all on his own.  I’m not sure you can tell from the picture but the seat belt is still bucked, but it wraps around one ankle, and under and over the other.  He was laughing as I was trying to get him untangled.   This picture still cracks me up when I look at it....


Friday, October 5, 2012

In the words of J.....

I got home last night from visiting families, the nurse said to Jeremy, "are you ready to get cathed" which is reply was NO and it's not uncommon for Jeremy to yell no to any request and take off crawling as fast as he can.  The nurse said, "Jeremy we have to do this before bed" and J replied, "Nt wrried bout it" blew a raspberry and took off.  I had to turn my face not to laugh at the little ornery stinker.

The Master J

Got glasses out of my purse, caught him 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Look what I can make....

“The Lord upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down.” Psalm 145:14 

I have been praying for wisdom into Jeremy’s health, he gets one UTI after another.  We irrigate his bladder twice a day with normal saline and then 3 times a week we add a irrigation flush with gentymician.  I started him on a probotic to put the good bacteria into his system and hope that his system can start fighting off infections.  Last week Jeremy got a UTI,  he had made it 2 weeks without one and rebounded quicker, he started bactrim on Saturday morning and by Sunday evening he was back to being his ornery self.     
We lost my Uncle Billy, he has always been in my life and was my mom’s oldest sibling.  I have many fond memories of him.  I would go by to visit when I was in Shawnee for work and there were many weekends that mom, Jeremy and I would go stay the night, we would grill out, get up the next morning and go to garage sales.  I loved talking to Uncle Billy, he loved and welcomed everyone into his home.  We would start a conversation over nothing to see who would start the argument first and then laugh.  He will be missed.   
This morning as if we don’t have a marathon to accomplish before Jeremy gets on the bus.  I find J's lunch box on the floor with everything out of it, containers open and this on the table.  I look at him and ask, Why? and his reply was, “I said, wats up wit tat” I told him that is my question to you.  I don't know if he had been talking to me while I was getting ready and I didn't answer so he was going to show me or didn't like what I put in his lunch so he was going to take care of it himself.... Never a dull moment in Jeremy world... I love this boy, he makes me laugh.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

O-M-G (gosh) we have a teenager...

 I am behind on posting so I'm going to lump several together.  On August 9, Jeremy turned 13 years old so in the words of Dr. Cyrus coming into our 13 year check-up, O-M-G (gosh) we have a teenager in which my comment was, "yes you 2 have been aggravating each other for 13 years".  This appointment was no different, with Dr. C grabbing the book from Jeremy and Jeremy slapping it with his hand and screaming NO and Dr. C laughing at him and doing this just to hear him say No.  I watched a mom walk out of her appointment with a baby on her hip and thought, wow, we've been coming to see Dr. Cyrus for 13 years.  Here are a few pictures of Jeremy's birthday bash becoming a big teenage boy....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OG&E Lineman's Expo....

On Friday, August 3 we met my nephews who were going with us at 4pm we arrived in our motel at 8:30pm.  We stopped to eat at McDonald's on the turnpike and shortly thereafter due to wild fires they shut down the turnpike.  It was hot, dry and fires everywhere.  We got to swim around at the pool, the boys had fun actually I think they were the entertainment they cracked me up.  We got up the next morning, headed out there so I could work snow-cones with my bestie, Kelly.  The boys played, Jeremy had a blast and I got off working at 9:30am.  We walked around, visited we then ate the best burgers, the boys ate some corn and we were loaded up and on the road home by 11am.  It was neat to hear the boys talk about everything they had done, what they liked to hear Jeremy jabber up a storm and then we hit the turnpike and I think the boys all passed out, by the time we got to Wellston they were all asleep with the exception of Jeremy who was fighting it around Stroud he decided that was enough silence and woke them all up.  Jeremy had so much fun with the boys, he talked, laughed and constantly was saying his, "I sad, sad, wats, wats up with tat".

Here are some pictures.....
Jeremy with Joseph 

Wee down the slide

Me and Reddy Killowatt