Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Seasons....Easter !!!!!!!

I realize that every season has a purpose but if I was to rate the seasons in my life it would be: 1st Spring, 2nd Fall, 3rd Summer & 4th Winter. I think spring is my all time favorite season for many reasons. I love when everything starts to bloom, re-grow, birds are singing, the flowers are colorful, trees blooming, grass is green, days are longer and temps are just perfect. Spring also ushers out my least favorite season, winter. I am the type of person that could live without cooler temps, snow & ice and a little bit of that goes along way with me. I think one of my favorite things of spring is the Easter holiday. I love going shopping to buy Jeremy an Easter basket, plastic eggs to stuff with candy, a new dress shirt. It's also the big family dinner and our first real get together since the Christmas season. I know what Easter represents, my savior was mocked, placed on a cross and suffered a horrid death that I can't imagine for my very sins and they put him in a tomb but on that 3rd day he AROSE, and because he lives I live.

The 3rd chapter of Ecclesiates verse 1 comes to mind. "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven". I know just like the seasons come and go, colors bloom, things grow, things pass away, life happens, life changes and we keep on rolling, we grow as a person and we live life and serve our GOD.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring break 2010 !!!!!!!!!

Jeremy's spring break started Friday, March 12, for the 1st part of the week I worked so Jeremy stayed around the house with the HTS. Wednesday was my first day of vacation so we slept in until 9am, it was so nice not to wake up to an alarm clock. We spent the day around the house, playing and getting ready for 2 day mini-vacation. We had some OU nursing students who picked Jeremy as a project so we visited with them for several hours. We got up Thursday morning, packed the vehicle and headed to the Oklahoma City Zoo with my sister & neice. We met my Aunt Betty, her daughter Donna, her 2 daughters and grandchildren and had a great time spending the day at the zoo. It was such a nice day to be out, good company and enjoying God's creations. We then went to spend the night in Moore, OK. We went out to eat dinner at a Western Sizzlin close to the motel. I was starving but of course it being a buffet I ate way too much and like always Jeremy ate nothing. I told the lady he was 3, she looked at me like I was crazy but I knew he wasn't going to even eat $3.99 worth of food. We got up Friday morning and headed to Arbuckle Wilderness where we were going to meet 2 families from Texas who have son's diagnosed with FG syndrome. We have been trying to plan something for years and it never worked out. I was excited to finally meet the people in person, as well as their son's. We went through the drive through safari which is always pretty awesome, other than Jeremy could have cared less but Miranda enjoyed it. We were visiting the rhinos who were enjoying a chance to be out in the sun and were sunbathing when Jeremy laid on the horn & startled the rhino's. I didn't think they could move that quickly, and really wish I had my camera set on video it would have been cute. We went over to park, had lunch, see some snakes, goats took some pictures. We got to pet a couple of camels, who were actually wanting to just nibble on anything that got close and one was growling. I bought tickets for Miranda and Jeremy to play on the moon walk, which I knew Jeremy would love. I purchased a ticket for Miranda and I to ride double on the go-karts, which we stood in line for an hour. The Arbuckle Wilderness was really busy but it was such a super nice day. We left about 5 to come back home everyone being exhausted, but I had to make a stop at the Arbuckle fried pies. This place was featured on Discover Oklahoma, but personal experience I've stopped there each time we are there. I got J and I 2- chocolate & 2 coconut, which was my dinner on the way home and Jeremy's when we got home.

It was a nice mini-vacation & 2 of the nicest days we've had so far this year and able to enjoy the company of family, and GOD's creation.....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ask yourself, "Where been, what doing?"

My funny little son so cracks me up, he’s getting more and more verbal. I don’t know why it still surprises me sometimes with what he says and I have to sit back and say, Awesome. When I start to think about the words he puts together it is what I say, so be careful lips what you say for tender ears are listening.
I went to a seminar on Positive behavior reinforcements. I always tell J when I go somewhere, that mommy is leaving and I will be back. I get home about 9pm and he’s outside playing, I get out of my car and say, “hey dude what up?” and he says, “where been”. It was plain as day. I thought you little turkey. I picked him up, loved on him and said, “what do you mean, where been, who are you?” He started laughing and was in a really good awesome mood. I thought where did he hear them words and I though well duh, think of all the times that I’m in another room of the house or outside and Jeremy comes into the place I’m at and I will say, “Where have you been”, he will jabber and then I will say, “what have you been doing”. His next phrase may be, “what doing”
Then the thought came to my mind, how many times does GOD say them exact words, “Lora where have you been?”. I mean he knows where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, how far I tend to wander away from his awesomeness, but he’s my father. My heavenly father who loves me even more (I can’t even imagine) than I love Jeremy. I asked myself this morning in my quiet time of prayer, “Lora, where have you been, what have you been doing?” Have I been where GOD would want me to be and am I doing what GOD wants me to be.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We have surgery dates....

OK, 7 months and 5 surgeons later we have the surgeon, plan and surgery dates. Jeremy’s 1st surgery will be on August 6, he will stay in the hospital and what I'm sure will be heavily sedated. Then he will undergo the second surgery on August 13. It is a complex, complicated surgery that involves Dr. Dan and another surgeon for the anterior surgery and then exactly one week apart, Dr. Dan and another surgeon for the spinal fusion. This will be done at the University of Missouri Children's Hospital in Columbia, MO. We will leave Okie land on Thursday, August 5 and I will be a resident of the Children's Hospital for approximately 2 weeks, while J is there I will be there. I realize Jeremy is going to be in the hospital recovering from complex surgery on his birthday, and believe me I hate this for him well actually I hate the whole entire thing for him this isn't an option surgery. I was actually considering doing his birthday party either in May or September since his birthday is August 9, school is out and no one comes except his cousins. I have to keep him strong and healthy so we can do these surgeries on these dates.

We will do our pre-op July 16 at 1pm, and see the Nurse Practitioner, then do our hospital stuff. I don't know if we will get to see the AWESOME Holly who has coordinated all of this with the physicians, filtered all my questions and has to deal with me.

Jeremy will enjoy his summer, he will attend summer school, doing normal summer fun activities. We will deal with the surgery and August when it arrives. I am trusting GOD. He has lead me all along in this whole process. I know he sent us to the right surgeon and this is what Jeremy needs. I appreciate all my friends, all the people who I don't know that have faithfully been praying for Jeremy and me as I make these decisions and for Dr. Dan. Please continue to pray...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The beginning of spring !!!!!

I notice this morning around 15 til 7 that it was already daylight outside and I could hear some chirping birds. I know living in Oklahoma there is more than a good chance we could see some more snow and temps won't stay warm for a little while longer, but you can't deny that it is the beginning of spring. WHOAAA !!!! I'm super excited that next weekend we spring forward so it will be daylight longer. Jeremy also starts his spring break next Friday, March 12. I'll get 3 days of spring break with him, and have scheduled Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm of course hoping for warm weather for a possible zoo trip, Arbuckle Wilderness. I'm going to see if I can talk my sisters into a night in OKC, day at the zoo, motel with an indoor pool and then next day the Omniplex. If not we have incredible pizza and Pump it up. I am not scheduling Jeremy any Dr. visits during this time.

We took full advantage of the weather today, Jeremy got out his little motorcycle we drove it across the street to the church parking lot. I thought it will be fun for him to ride it around in the big parking lot. Then he noticed the playground equipment so away we went. Here is a clip of him playing, not sure what all he was telling me but at the end you can hear is, "I want to see it"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Our plans....

Dr. Dan is going to do spinal fusion on Jeremy, this will be done in 2 surgeries like we discussed. He does his spine surgeries on Friday. The 1st Friday Jeremy will undergo the anterior, he will release the kyphosis and straighten. Jeremy will stay in the hospital, and then the next Friday he will go in and do the spinal fusion. We are looking at 2 weeks as in-patient in the hospital. Holly is currently working on coordinating everything with the other surgeons to get a surgery date. The PT will work with Jeremy while he is in the hospital so when we come home I'll understand more of that, what his limitations will be, no lifting or bending.