Friday, October 25, 2013

"Thanks be to GOD, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

I have been slow on the posting, there have been changes in our lives and we are adapting.

I am grateful and praise GOD over and over for the awesome summer we had, we truly enjoyed it.  Jeremy had great, dependable staff, he only had 1 sickness.  His staff took him on some trips and he did great.  The cat known as Mollie has blended in well with our family and is a drama queen.  Mollie has 2 meows, one, “I’m upset crying” and the other is, “I need attention now”.  I took her in to get her spayed, de-clawed and all her shots at the same time, she did well.  When I took her back to get the stitches removed, she was trying to get out of the carrier and Jeremy was trying to get her out so needless to say Jeremy was mad that I took her and she cried all the way over there and back, really?      
Jeremy has adapted well to Junior High, it’s an all new school, teacher, kids.  He likes everyone and they like him.  They have given him the nickname Edward Scissor hands, why?  Because he has very fast hands and can grab 15 things at once and if you don’t believe it try taking him out of somewhere when he doesn’t want to go.  He is also the only kid in his class whose desk is turned backwards, why? so he can’t get what is in his desk.  I love his sense of humor, so glad he has one.     

One night I formed a long string with fun sticks, Mollie had fun chasing it and Jeremy had fun teasing her.  It was comical to watch them play.  Jeremy is still learning empathy but getting better.  He tends to treat her like a stuffed toy but somehow I have to believe she doesn’t mind because she just lays around when she could escape.  The cat named Mollie doesn’t like to be alone, I figured she would love her carefree days of no one home, but when you walk through the door she is ready for attention.  Jeremy has learned a few of her tricks, he now gets in the back corner of my closet and hides which is fine when Mollie does it but for him this requires him taking all of my shoes out of the closet.

There have been changes at my job, I am learning many new task as well as an entire new area with new people.  I got to spend a week in Ft. Smith learning the new process which was neat to see how it will be when we starting doing it the end of January. I did get a week break from being mom and nurse, although I missed Jeremy it was a nice break.  I got to meet up with a friend who I’ve worked with for many years, we had dinner and then decided to go to a movie, it was so much fun.  I have a new boss and many new co-workers but it’s all been a good transition.    

GOD is once again molding me.  I truly love our Sapulpa Bible Church, I really love our worship time, the songs are so uplifting and you can truly sense God’s spirit.  I love that Pastor Mike preaches what the bible says, he doesn’t do the good fell kind of sermon and I’ve been challenged.  I love our church people, how they are all there for one common goal, that is to use their gifts for what God called them to do, and to LOVE each other, and serve God. 

               We are enjoying the season of fall, we are having some cool mornings, days, rain and it’s just been glorious.  Here are a few pictures…..

On a mission... Playground

Granny, Mollie and Jeremy

J- I have a cat I know how to play

The boy and cat- nap time

Our decorations

Ohhhh, scary

Our fun yard

Zoo trip- J petting the goats
1st day of Jr. High