Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ah The sights of summer....

This would be Jeremy after splashing in his turtle pool, getting soaked w/ a water gun which he loves and eating a sundae cone, which he loves....He was scaling his climbing wall, turned to make sure I was still watching and did I say how worn out he is. He has played super hard today, so I'm trying to get him to take a bath and watch Wall-E.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The start of summer...

We took flowers w/ praying hands down to Mounds to Grandma and Grandpa Roberts' graveside yesterday after church, this is the 1st time we have seen Grandpa Roberts headstone and it's Beautiful. I miss them both so much and keep thinking of all the things they are missing with Jeremy but then I think they are in heaven with our GOD, what can they be missing. It's me missing them missing these things.

I would say I had a productive weekend and managed to finally get my closet totally cleaned out, I gathered 4 kitchen size garbage bags full of clothes. I cleaned out Jeremy's closet and got another sack full, he can no longer wear his 3T. I cleaned out his toy box and threw away a bag of toys and another 3 bags that I gave away. I feels so nice to be able to hang clothes up in the closet and have room, try to find Jeremy a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Jeremy has 6 days of school left, 4 days this week and then 2 the next. He will then do 4-5 weeks of ESY which will be 3 days a week and then attend autism camp 4 days a week from 9 to 1pm. He will have an HTS to be here with him while he's not at school.

He's enjoyed the weekend of playing outside, going to the park, throwing his beach ball around.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The sounds of summer....

Summer is fast approaching and you can tell by the sounds of the season. Yesterday, Jeremy and I was playing with his soccer ball outside and we heard the Ice cream truck and I ran back into the house to get him some money and took Jeremy's hand and told him lets go get some ice cream and we were walking to the road and I was telling Jeremy let's go get some ice cream and Jeremy says, "i crm" or something similar to that but I know what he meant. I could have paid for 1/2 a box of drumsticks with what I paid for one but it's summer, and memories are important to me. Out of all the sounds of summer my son saying his version of ice cream will always be the best sound.

I'm really excited about summer this year. Jeremy has 2 weeks and 2 days of school and then he will do 4 weeks of ESY, 3 days a week and hopefully 2 week summer camp at school. I'm going to take him to my mom's church for vacation bible school and see how he does.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sad day....

Henry Miller, 20 year old young man diagnosed w/ FG syndrome lost his battle for his life yesterday around 7:35pm. Henry had been in the hospital critical for about 2 weeks but then was starting to show some signs of improvement so I was caught off guard when I read the email from his Mom Mary that Henry had passed away yesterday. I have never met Henry or his Mary but got to know them on the FG family list serve. I have heard many stories and seen pictures of Henry and have celebrated Henry's victories in my heart with Mary and today I cried for the loss of Henry. My heart breaks for the pain and the GREAT loss that the family is dealing with. Henry reminded me lot of Jeremy, the stories Mary would tell. I would look at similarities they had so much in common, Henry had a heart defect had open heart surgery when he was younger, Henry also had severe scoliosis and had surgery to place a rod at an early age. Please say a prayer for the Miller family as they deal with the loss of Henry's precious life.

Jeremy for sale on EBAY....

Last night I picked out my clothes to wear, put them in the dryer (didn't want to get out the iron). It was just a pair of jeans, two shirts. I started to hear this clank, clank, clank in the dryer and opened it up to find that my son had put a jar of picante sauce in the dryer w/ my clothes. There was only 1/2 of it left and the reason why is the other 1/2 was all over the inside of the dryer, and my clothes. I had to wash it out with soap and water. He did this a couple of weeks ago with his 1/2 eaten container of chocolate ice cream but the ice cream washed out, but this picante sauce stained my white shirt.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The new look and Jeremy's school field trip

I found this new template, thought this was bright, happy and cheery. The one I wanted was perfect for Jeremy but it wouldn't interact with blogger. It had several monkeys with the saying, "Don't you wish your monkey was fun like me". I've always said he's a monkey and curious George's twin.

Jeremy's class took a field trip to pump it up in Tulsa, it's inflatable toys galore and Jeremy LOVES them. I was a little on the not sure side since Jeremy broke his leg last summer going down an inflatable slide at the Lineman's expo where I work and was in a cast for 12 weeks which wasn't fun. Mrs. Parsons Jeremy's teacher said of all the children Jeremy has the best time and I knew he would. He did end up with a scrape on the right side of his right knee that ended up infected but we were able to do oral antibiotic and a cream and he's healing wonderfully.

Here are a couple of pictures his teacher sent me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day 2009

I didn't get any pictures but it's because my funny boy son had done something with my camera and I can't find it, this is #2 that I can't find, so somewhere in the house or yard hopefully house is two digital cameras. Jeremy's cellulities is healing up good, I think he's on the mend. We spent mother's day out at my parents with my 3 sisters and their families. My brother wasn't able to make it. We were all together Friday night for the Broadway hit of Annie, one of nephews and niece their school put on the play, my nephew Joseph was Oliver Warbucks and my niece was Sandy the adorable little dog. It was a really cute play. After pizza on Sunday for dinner we got another one of our famous kick ball games up and going which is always so much fun, we had a blast. My team lost but we were the "fun" bunch. I'm thrilled since I've lost almost 40 pounds that I feel so much better, can actually feel like and want to participate and not be worn out.

My sister and I are planning a weekend get June 12- 14 and we decided on Eureka springs, so we are starting to put them plans in motion. My nephew her son graduates this Saturday so I know she has all that going on.

Tomorrow is Monday another week of work and school for Jeremy man.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A scary threat...

Friday I get a call from Jeremy's teacher that the sore on his leg is swollen, red, hot to the touch and growing I know what cellutites is because we deal with that, although it's been 5 years but if Jeremy gets a spot on him he will keep messing with the area and normally ends up getting it infected. I also had several flash backs the 1st was 7 years ago, us being in the hospital for 12 days and on Mother's day battling a shunt infection and then 5 years ago of being home with IV antibiotics battling cellulties on his knee. If you have a child w/ special medical needs you know exactly where my thoughts are coming from, its a scary threat in our world. We seen Dr. Rippey who is Dr. C partner he did a good job in checking Jeremy out, we know Dr. R and have met him but have never actually seen him in a visit, he's a super nice physician. You can tell me cares, I've ran into him often when I'm visiting families at the Children's hospital he is checking on his patients. He gave him bactrim an oral antibiotic and bacaban an antibiotic cream and Jeremy's spot is spreading but it's fading so good sign. Jeremy is also not being cranky today. Dr. R culture it and said it was probably staph because he had several spots on his nose and that is where it seems to live.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Funny funny boy....

My funny funny boy is sitting on the couch pushing the buttons on my phone don't even know how he got it, I'm really sure I put it up. Jeremy comes into the living room bringing me the carton of milk, I tell him, "go get a cup" he understands and knew what I was saying but wasn't following the request. We are both exhausted so I go get him a cup. I walk back into the living room only to find him drinking out of the milk carton. So, guess he didn't need a cup after all.

I'm on a business process team at work and part of being on the team is you go out and help train the districts. I was in Ft. Smith Monday, drove up Sunday had dinner with my "crazy" aunt, and my two cousins and their family we then went to Wal-mart and did some shopping, it was fun to get to visit with them, normally only see them once a year at the family reunion. I drove back to Sapulpa Monday evening and then had to turn around and go to Muskogee on Tuesday. We are tired. Tomorrow night one of my nephews and niece are in a play at their school, they are excited so I've got the HTS to come and watch Jeremy and I'll go. Saturday, get this we HAVE NO PLANS. I'm pretty sure sleeping in is a big option for us. Don't forget that Sunday is Mother's day, after church we will go out to my mom's and we all ordered pizza and I'll pick it up on our way home from church and take it out. My sisters, mom and I are suppose to discuss our plans for taking a weekend retreat to Eureka springs this summer, I'm pushing for the 1st or 2nd week of June.