Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lord you never let go of me....

                I can’t believe I hadn’t posted since March, where has the time gone.
                Jeremy finished Middle school, graduated to 8th grade, so in August he turns 14 and starts Junior High.   
                I have went by the school, met with his new teacher and Para-professionals, they are all super nice and sweet.  He is going to love next year and I’m excited for him. 
                Jeremy caught a viral upper-respiratory infection and not only missed the last 3 days of school but also missed his 7th grade promotion ceremony.  I admit I was so disappointed.  I was looking forward to him walking across that stage with his walker in his new big boy clothes, he spent the week after in recovery mode.  Then, if that wasn’t enough Memorial day he had a seizure that caused him to fall backwards, trip to the ER, surgery the next day to replace the shunt tubing that somehow came loose.  I admit again that I was disappointed because since it was a weekend holiday, our Neurosurgeon who we love dearly and seen for 11 plus years was not on call and out of town, so we got a NSG that I’m not fond of.  There was concern when we first got home because there was a pretty significant gross motor regression but J is almost back to baseline.  We seen our cardiologist yesterday for a follow-up, Jeremy’s heart is doing good for him, it has shifted but due to what he has going on in the thoracic area that is not surprising.                 

                Jeremy teaches me all the time, how quickly our lives can change, not to focus on things of this world because it’s all about GOD and what shall I fear.  I sometimes live in fear of losing Jeremy, it’s the reality of a child with special needs.  I love Jeremy beyond words and it hurts me to see him hurt.  I can’t even begin to imagine the entirety of the thought that God loves me even more than I love Jeremy.   When Jeremy is laying there asleep and I watch that precious little face it makes me forget that he almost burned up the microwave or cleaned out my spice cabinet by dumping them all on the floor.   I think just perhaps it helps me to possibly start to imagine GOD, watching his perfect son in agonizing pain for sinful human race but that he loved us so much he allowed it.  Oh amazing grace and whom then shall I fear. 

I am listening to this song as I came up with my closing....